Blow Up Dolls Are More Lifelike Than Ever

Although sex has been an interesting topic and area of people’s lives since time began, the last fifty years have seen a rapid acceleration in people’s sexual activities and what they get up to in the privacy of their own home or behind other closed doors. There is no doubt that technology has played a massive role in this and the advancement of blow up dolls indicates a major change in the way people think about sex.

Many still think that an inflatable doll is a rather sad and pathetic way for a person to indulge in sexual activities but there can always be reasons for people engaging in this activity. Many people are too shy to even contemplate talking to a person they find attractive, some feel unable to communicate whereas others have been hurt too often and do not want the emotional involvement that can come with a relationship.

Older dolls were of poor quality

This is where blow up dolls come in but for many years, these dolls were in very poor quality. The traditional inflatable doll had to be blown up and would very often burst after a minimum amount of uses. Many people did use it in the way it was originally intended but more often than not, an inflatable doll was bought and presented as a joke present. Birthdays, hen nights, stag nights and many other social occasions were enlivened by the presence of one of these dolls.

However, as technology developed, so did the capabilities and qualities of love dolls. There was an emergence of products which featured the sexual reproductive parts allowing people to masturbate directly into something which resembled the mouth, a vagina or the anus. Dolls based upon male reproductive parts were also available to buy and a great number of the male and female products were replicas of porn stars genitals. This heightened the sense that the buyer was having sex with their favourite adult film actor.

Modern sex dolls are very lifelike

The ability to create lifelike genital parts has been met with the ability to make lifelike blow up dolls now allowing people to have realistic sex with these dolls. This market has been extremely popular in Japan where there are brothels running allowing people to rent these dolls and have sex with them. Some would argue that if someone is going to the trouble of paying to have sex, they should hire a prostitute but many people are keen to avoid this or are unable to communicate properly.

The blow up dolls of today is nothing like the ones from previous generations and it is easy to see why there is an increased level of interest in the products.

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