Silicone Love Dolls

Silicone love dolls are a not a new kind of male sex toy as they have been around for over a hundred years. It is fair to say however, that they have only become fabulous looking over the last ten years. Japan love dolls in particular are a good example of the modelling, styling, and artistry that has gone into a newer silicone love doll.

Since the advent of silicone in the sex doll industry, more artistry, more look, and better realistic feel have been made available. Eyes, lips, nipples, together with a range of facial expressions look particularly realistic. The materials used in their construction are a combination of a silicone based cyberskin, which has been stretched over a solid foam body. It was often said that a blow up doll which was inflated, could easily be punched by a zipper, or a watch strap which ended a night of passion with your favourite sex doll pretty quickly. The new cyberskin and foam construction stops that happening. Sex with a sex doll will never deflate!

The cyberskin also adds a much more skin – like feel to your sex sessions with your favorite Japan love doll. Silicone love dolls have much to offer in this regard, as they have perfectly formed nipples and hair. There are also no seams that the inflatable ones had.

Hair is also a big feature, and this feels particularly real. Many dolls, like wigs, feature real human hair. It feels real to the touch, looks real and is cut to the latest fashion, and feels real if it is falling on your chest. Hair of course is not limited to the head, and vaginal hair is just as real to the touch as the head counterpart.

Possibly the biggest step forward in silicone doll technology is the feel on the inside. Both the vagina and anus on some models can be used just as you had always imagined. The holes once lubricated will offer a feel that will rival the best sex you have ever had with a woman. Sex with sex dolls has to be experienced to be believed.

Many men that have tried silicone love dolls prefer them to real women. They fit in easier to their fantasies and this has been made easier thanks to the developments in the technology behind them. Japan love dolls are a particularly popular choice, and like many other nationalities are available in a range of silicone love dolls.

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